Saturday, May 11, 2013

Philosopher Larry Ashley's Last Thoughts

Here are Larry's last thoughts, dictated to his son Chris and shared with permission:

To my friends and family, You have been wonderful in helping me through this. Thank you to all for your kindness. To be a bit pretentious, I feel I have led my life in a favored way. Friends and philosophy have stood as a bulwark against difficulties, and helped give my life meaning and thoughtfulness. To my friends and colleagues in Cortland, you have been the greatest. To my union coworkers, I have enjoyed working with you and being trusted with the responsibility of leadership. That helped invigorate a large part of my life. To my family, we seem to be scattered around the world, with trouble making contact. Know that although I can't find you all now, I am still thinking a lot of you. I also treasure the many friendships which have grown up with of ex-students and sports companions. Thank you and love to you all, Larry
Rest in Peace dear friend.