Philosophical Counseling

Dr. Andy Fitz-Gibbon is certified in client counseling with the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA)He is presently accepting a limited number of clients.

What is philosophical counseling?
  • Philosophical practice is a relatively new field, though its roots are deep in the philosophical tradition. Philosophical counseling is intended for clients who are rational, functional, and not mentally ill, but who can benefit from philosophical assistance in resolving or managing problems associated with normal life experience. It is an extended conversation with a trained philosopher. 
What kinds of subjects do clients bring to the conversation?
  • Issues of private morality or professional ethics
  • Issues of meaning, value, or purpose   
  • Issues of personal or professional fulfillment  
  • Issues of underdetermined or inconsistent belief systems
  • Issues requiring any philosophical interpretation of changing circumstances
What does it cost?
  • There is a sliding scale dependent on salary.
Where do the conversations take place?
  • At a location convenient to you in Ithaca NY or Cortland NY. Coffee shops etc are very useful places to discuss philosophical issues.

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