Fun Stuff

Strings and Things
Ah, a mispent youth! My first job, age 15, was working in a 2/11 store in the seaside town of Blackpool (dollar store in the US context). I quit after two weeks and bought my first nylon strung guitar. 34 years later numerous guitars have passed through my hands. Presently I play a Taylor accoustic (all mahagony Grand Auditorium), 1995 Parker Fly in antigue gold, and a 1986 Fender Strat. Favorite guitarist . . . still EC but Knopfler has always been up there for me. Amps? Has to be Marshall.
I love ukuleles, too! Delightful little stringy things. Check out DaSilva Ukes.
For fun I build ukuleles and more recently concert classical guitars.

The "wee beasties"
We so enjoy our little pug companions, Lucy, Molly and Jack. They are a delight to be with, most of the time (occasional annoying barking, wanting to pee in the middle of the night, destroy anything that resembles a toy, vet's bills . . . come to think of it. . . .)

Manchester United
Since being a little boy in Manchester I have been a fan. Winning the European Cup in '68 was a childhood highlight. Trouble is, it's like supporting the NY Yankees, and I would love to follow a different team. I've tried Manchester City (didn't work; too much early socialization against the blues). I lived in Blackpool (orange kit? say no more), Rochdale (too bad for words), Newcastle (bit dull) and Glasgow (Celtic or Rangers? couldn't decide) . . . none really fit the bill, so Utd it remains. Theatre of Dreams.