Fun Stuff

One of the best sounds on the planet. The bodhrán is the Irish drum, anywhere from 12" to 24" diameter, and 4" to 8" deep, played with a stick. You will have heard it on most Celtic music. I have a wonderful drum made for me by Mance Grady. Check out his site:

Strings and Things
Ah, a mispent youth! My first job, age 15, was working in a 2/11 store in the seaside town of Blackpool (dollar store in the US context). I quit after two weeks and bought my first nylon strung guitar. 34 years later numerous guitars have passed through my hands. Presently I play a Taylor accoustic (all mahagony Grand Auditorium), 1995 Parker Fly in antigue gold, and a 1986 Fender Strat. Favorite guitarist . . . still EC but Knopfler has always been up there for me. Amps? Has to be Marshall.
But, ukuleles have taken over! I have three and have built a fourth. Delightful little stringy things. Check out DaSilva Ukes.

Away with "trouser tyranny"! At least that is what a growing number of kilt wearers (self included) are saying. Flexible, freeing, fun, fashionable . . . I have to say it is my clothing of choice. I wish more men had the courage. And what does a guy wear under the kilt? Usually Birkenstocks in my case. Check out:

Cuator of the Scottish Tartans Museum and guru on all things kilted and Scottish
Lots of good information and links to other sites. Have fun.

The "wee beasties"
We so enjoy our little companions, Lucy and Molly. They are a delight to be with, most of the time (occasional annoying barking, wanting to pee in the middle of the night, destroy anything that resembles a toy, vet's bills . . . come to think of it. . . .)

Manchester United
Since being a little boy in Manchester I have been a fan. Winning the European Cup in '68 was a childhood highlight. Trouble is, it's like supporting the NY Yankees, and I would love to follow a different team. I've tried Manchester City (didn't work; too much early socialization against the blues). I lived in Blackpool (orange kit? say no more), Rochdale (too bad for words), Newcastle (bit dull) and Glasgow (Celtic or Rangers? couldn't decide) . . . none really fit the bill, so Utd it remains. Theatre of Dreams.

The Game of Squash
Keeps me fit, but what is it? A game played with racquets (like tennis) but indoors, with a balls that hardly bounces, with no net and walls to hit the ball on (unlike tennis). Like racquet ball but more subtle, with more strategy and finesse. Racquet ball for philosophers . . . On Wikipedia